Passion Project: Letters to my Mother Day 3

Dear Mom,

I hope there’s one crazy party in heaven on Friday’s, and you have to get dressed up and everything to attend the celebration. I imagine you wearing red lipstick in heaven, and your hair is ligthened and you have a glow around you. It’s wierd because I never once saw you wear red lipstick.

Because it’s Friday I’ll keep things lighter. I’m simply going to list all the things I loved about you, enjoy!

  •  Your smile
  • Your “I love Lucy” moments – like that one time when you sucked your hair up in the vaccumm trying to vacuum under the couch, lol!
  • Your concern for manners; you taught us yes ma’am, thank you, please, no sir, and to always clean our friend’s houses – “Give them a reason to invite ya back.”
  • The way you danced like no one was watching
  • Your laugh, it was contagious! I hope to always be able to remember it…
  • You always laughing at your children, you were so fun!
  • Your pride in your work; everyone knew you were the best damn barber
  • Your love for your children
  • How you loved a clean house (and tried to get me as a teen to clean; you got lucky with Sierra! Hope’s clean now, too!)
  • How much you adored Hope; she gave you so much joy when she was born
  • Your love for Dad
  • Your kind heart deep down
  • Your beautiful eyes
  • You always gave us your truth
  • Your belief in God and Jesus
  • Your desire for better (I believe you really did want to be better Momma)
  • Your determination to make sure your girls were close
  • Your made-from-scratch cornicopias on Thanksgiving
  • Your love of all holidays
  • Your acceptance of me and unconditional love (Lord, I gave ya hell!)
  • Your love of make-up; you taught us girls how to do make up and braid hair
  • Your chicken-fried steak, made just like Granny’s!!! Mmmmm, and that GRAVY!

Those are just a few. Have a rockin’ Friday in Heaven. I love you!

Love your eldest,


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