Passion Project: Letters to my Mother Day 5

March 5, 2017

Dear Mom,

Do you go to church on Sunday’s in heaven? Lol. Like in heaven, isn’t your permanent residence Church? Just curious.

This morning Randy and I got up and went fishing with the dogs. You loved fishing. You scaled the fish and everything. I like catching more than fishing. I like being outside more than anything.

I remember we used to go camping as kids. That was the best. I miss camping. I’ve been meaning to check out Marfa and Big Bend area. It’s all the rage right now. You can glamp in Marfa. There’s also supposed to be a random Prada store out there. I don’t own any Prada’s, but I would like to drive out to the middle of BFE Texas and try on a pair of Prada’s. Sounds ridiculously glorious, doesn’t it?

I definitely got my ridiculousness from you. My quirky off the wall silliness. I love it. It makes people smile, to be so lavishly goofy in public or wherever. The unexpected usually is a delightful surprise given the circumstance. Because of you, I always look to deliver the unexpected. Now I channel it through performance art. Actually, after you passed I started acting more again and taking classes. You always loved when I acted in anything. I’m going to keep going in that direction and am praying for some assistance. 😉

Have a lovely, I mean heavenly, Sunday.

I love you,


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