Passion Project: Letters to my Mother Day 14

March 14,  2017

Dear Mom,

I hate starting off with apologies, but I owe you one. I have failed to keep posting daily letters to you. I had a great intention but failed execution. So I compared the difference between the first successful week of letters to you and the second failed week. Long story short, last week was the yang to the prior week’s perfect yin scenario.

In the Yin week, my better half was out of town all week and I had no kids and no planned events. Score! I had the down time. I also wrote and posted your letters after I finished up with work for the day, so after 5pm.

Last week’s Yang week was hectic; trying to wrap up a kitchen remodel, catering to my S.O., had kids Wednesday – Friday, worked out four days, and had SXSW events. Needless to say, I did not create any downtime to write the letters. I’d write about half of the letter on my phone each day in a spare moment but didn’t know how to post it on my site from my phone.

Long story short, I’m sorry. I did come up with a plan to finish out strong, though. In life, we all fail. If we acknowledge our failure and choose to learn from it and not give up, choose to stay committed and come up with a plan to finish out in success, is it really a failure?

Mom, sometimes I feel you constantly thinking you were a failure got the best of you. Was there a way you could have turned it around by changing your thinking? Can the mentally ill strengthen their mind’s muscle with exercise? We all feel we fail at certain points. I want to learn from you, though. So if we can see past our failure to the other side, maybe we can turn things around and build ourselves up, instead of continual beating ourselves up.

My plan is to write letters to you and another first thing in the morning before I do anything else. That way it is out of the way, I’m not thinking about it all day, and I’m not beating myself up for failing to write you. I have hope this will work.

I love you, Momma.

Yours truly,


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