Passion Project: Letters to my Mother Day 16

March 16, 2017

Dear Mom,

Today has been great. My kitchen remodel is finally finished!!! I had two professional organizers come and help me put the whole kitchen back together; that is the way to go! Three of us literally put our entire kitchen back together (even lined all the drawers and cabinets) in five hours. Then I cooked an easy meal in my sparkly new kitchen for my sweetheart, and then my good friend from college Becca and her husband, Cade, and their little boy came over to visit. It was so lovely seeing her beautiful spirit and catching up, playing with her little boy, seeing her and Cade so happy. What a blessing! While playing with their son, Parker, I realized what my favorite thing to do with you was: make you laugh.

I had so much fun making their son laugh with silly faces, chasing him around the house, tickling him. Kids really are a blast, especially when you get to send them back. Then everything quiets back down and the peaceful music of the lake breeze is all you hear. I’m so grateful for my home and Randy and his children. My favorite thing to do is to try and make them smile and giggle. Same with acting. I love when I’m in a scene and people laugh. A roaring crowd is my favorite sound. I remember you laughing at me quite a bit. I loved seeing your beautiful smile; you could light up a room with that. When I picture you, I will forever remember that smile. It’s not that I’m living in a delusion and sugar-coating things; it’s that every time I think of you, I want it to be at your best moments.

As I’ve dug deep in search of happy memories with you, I’ve felt blocked, pushing myself to find the answer to the question, “What did I love doing with my mom?” Instead, I found the answer to what I loved doing for my mom: make her laugh.

Thank you, Mom, for always laughing at my silly jokes, funny faces, and dramatic falls. You totally got my sense of humor. Part of that I got from you. You cracked me up with your hair stories, crazy white-girl dancing, and random goofy acts that attached themselves to you. I’m so happy we got to share those moments of sunshine together.

I love you,

Tina Tina

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