Passion Project: Letters to my Mother Day 17

March 17, 2017

Dear Mom,

A poem, “Your hands are now in my hands”:

There was more I wanted to say

More I wanted to do

More I wanted to see from you

I never let go of hoping to see you bloom

I never cried more than when I had to let go of that hope for you

Tragic to see you fall into a life of despair and gloom

Caught in a web of darkness, stuck to its muck, you couldn’t shake the crud

To get unstuck, you have to nip and tuck

Let go and burst through pain with acceptance, self-care and a burning desire for more

Work work work

Is what it takes to bloom

What kind of flower would you have been?

Mom, that’s what I can promise to you:

hard work to live a better and healthier life than you

I mean that in the most loving way, in a way to honor you, life and future generations

I am doing the unfinished work of your hands, your hands are now in my hands

I will pick up where you left off, sowing everything until it grows

I will make choices that cause me to flourish, thrive and fulfill my purpose:

To serve others, love and be loved, spread radical joy, to be a sister in sparkle

Use my voice for good, be a beacon of truth

This is the harder path, because it’s an incomparable amount of work to fight the good fight

it’s easy to be sad

It’s easy to quit, it’s easy to be mad, it’s easy to be mean, and it’s easy to fall apart

A constant resistance within, refinement is the goal, dignity, self-respect & confidence

You must be intact before you can truly serve others

To be better than where you came from, and stay focused on the goal

Mom, I am part of you, I know I share some similar struggles, let me learn from you,

And choose wisely

I’m glad for the life I experienced with you, even though it was terrible to see

Because it made me, Me

A hard worker-bee, giving my honey away to those in need, for free

Please pray for me, stay an angel near me, help me live free, so I can serve all my days on earth


Tina Tina

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