What is Equality, Anyway?

What is Equality, anyway? 

Is it two arms, and two feet

one brain, and a mouth to eat

if we were equal, would we not be less gentrified 

gentrification being white

there is the obvious: equal pay, include gay 

what if equality went deeper,

than skin color, sex or religion 


True Freedom 

respect, kindness, compassion 

a country of people accepting, not judging, each other 

and accepting themselves, too;

for we project how we feel about ourselves onto others to various 
degrees, which explains the contamination of hate, 
a lack of cultivated love 

to accept, you have to acknowledge and reflect 

our country is lost because not enough people utilize time to

breath, reflect, accept and then use discernment, a spiritual 
judgment, for good  

Yes, equality starts with acceptance 

-Hello Poet




When will we free our                    shackled hearts?



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